domaine ligneres - view of Alaric Mountain


The Pièce de Roche, planted with 16.000 Carignan vines in 1890 on fine calcareous gravels in the valley floor around the château. These ancient vines, planted on two different rootstocks, Riparia Gloire and Rupestris, still produce the most spectacular grapes. To preserve the identity of this extraordinary vineyard, we have taken cuttings (known as a selection massale), to use its wood to plant new vines.

Potential Area: 3.5 hectares
Altitude: 150m
Soil Type: Fine calcareous gravels of alluvial origin
Varieties planted: Carignan
Rootstock: Riparia Gloire 50% and Rupestris 50%
Age of vines: 115 years
Plant density: 4500 vines per hectare
Pruning: Gobelet

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