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The Famille Lignères estate is situated in the shadow of the Montagne d'Alaric just 40 km from the Mediterranean coast in the Languedoc between Narbonne and Carcassonne.

The ridge of the Alaric mountains immediately to the west of the estate mark the limit of the Mediterranean influence on the climate, but the prevailing winds for much of the year come from the continental/Atlantic side. The Cers, a westerly or northwesterly wind, frequently reaches speeds of 50 knots. In summer, breezes off the Mediterranean temper the heat.

The estate currently covers 90 hectares of vineyards shared on successions of terraces, hills and little valleys oriented W-E and facing mainly East. They are spread across differently textured limestone based soils. Some areas have more clay, some more sandstone and higher mineral content, each impressing their own specific character on the wines. For those geomorphological and geological reasons we have produced a range of wines, each designed to underline the specifics of the most attractive vineyard plot.

Hand pickingThe balance between “Cers” and “Marin” winds is our best ally in practicing respectfut viticultural methods, avoiding the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilisers. We practice complete cultivation with ploughing between the vines’ trunks and also encourage grass growth in some parts of the vineyard. Low yields are guaranteed by a strict pruning, completed by removing suckers in the spring: on average we allow just 500 to 800 grams of grapes per vine. Our priority is to respect the natural ecosystem, keeping the soils alive. The blossoming of our vines providing wonderful grapes is the nicest proof. After a number of years of "unofficial" organic farming, 2007 will be our first vintage officially certified as in conversion to full organic status by Qualité de France. Harvesting by hand is then natural for us to respect the vineyard.

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