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Ermitage Notre Dame de ConsolationNotre Dame label

During the Middle Ages, pilgrims on the road to St. Jacques de Compostelle passed alongside our vineyard on foot or on horseback. Exhausted, they often stopped at the nearby ermitage, "Notre Dame de Consolation". Recovering by the fire and enjoying the warm, spicy fruitiness of "Notre Dame" wine, they would surely have found good reason to abandon their pilgrimage.

Wine details

Grape varieties 95% Syrah 5% Mourvèdre
Wine Type Barrel aged red
Apellation Vin de Pays de Hauterive (Montagne d'Alaric)
Vintage 2004
Total production 2004 10.000 bottles (1660 six-pack cases)

Terroir Click for full details of the notre dame terroir
Yields Syrah: 25  (hectoliters/hectare) Mourvèdre: 20

Fermenting tanks Stainless steel
Fermentation/maceration 26 days, no pre-fermentation or cold maceration employed
Barrel aging 100 % new oak barrels (Taransaud, Darnajou)
Ageing specifics 16 months, stirring the lees weekly by turning the barrels
Alcohol 14.5% by vol.


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