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Our philosophy has always been to preserve the integrity of the grapes: working with Stefano Chioccioli has helped us to reinforce this concept.

All the processes from the entrance of the grapes into the cellar until the bottling are done to respect the fruit of the terroir, providing the maximum softness.

Selection table
Experimental grape pump
fermenting vats

the barrel hall

The first qualitative selection is done in the vineyard by our faithful grape pickers, ensuring only the best bunches reach the cellar.

On arriving at the cellar, the grapes are also controlled by a double sorting, both before and after the destemmer.

The grapes are transferred to the tanks using an experimental system, designed to be gentler with the berries than even the smoothest of pumps.

The gentler the treatment of the grapes at this stage, the more the terroir can shine through.

Our fermenting tanks have double refrigeration bands (both at the top and the bottom) to ensure we can control the temperature of the whole tank with great precision.

Soft manual pigeages (punch down) and regular remontages (pumping over) aid optimum extraction during the maceration phase.

Once alcoholic fermentation is complete, the wines are transferred to oak barrels for malolactic fermentation and the ageing process.

We use a special barrel system, whereby we can do a weekly battonage simply by rotating the barrel in its rack. This ageing lasts 14 to 16 months. The wines are then racked to tanks and wait to be blended. The bottling is done at the domaine, very strictly. We bring a special care to this final touch. A top red wine has to wait almost 3 years before being allowed to discover the world!

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