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Aric is local dialect for Alaric, King of the Visigoths who gave his name to the mountain whose slopes conceal the Lignères fabulous terroir. The surname of a grandmother, a direct descendant of those Barbarian warriors, was Amalric, and a question still haunts the family today: had Alaric known that his mountain possessed such wonderful wine, would he have plundered Rome in 410 AD?

Grape varieties Carignan 30%, Mourvèdre 40%, Syrah 30%
Wine Type Barrel aged red
Apellation Vin de Pays de Hauterive (Montagne d'Alaric)
Vintage 2004
Total production 2004 37.000 bottles (6167 6-bottle cases)

Terroir Click for full details of the aric terroir
Yields 18-24 hectoliters/hectare

Fermenting tanks Stainless steel
Fermentation/maceration Mourvèdre: 27 days, Carignan: 26 days, Syrah: 27 days
Barrel aging 50 % new oak (Taransaud, Darnajou), 50% 1wine barrels
Ageing specifics 16 months, stirring the lees weekly by turning the barrels
Alcohol 14.5 % by vol.


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